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Outlaws ♥

So I had a small chat with Scott Lobdell tonight.





He was hosting an event at Meltdown and was rad enough to take some time out to sign Jaron’s TT and Red Hood while chatting with us. We got to talking, of course, about the big issue of Red Hood and the Outlaws.

So to clear a couple things up, I asked if Starfire was being serious or sarcastic about not remembering the Titans:

Kory was definitely being evasive/sarcastic because she did NOT want to talk about her past with them and issues that will come up later in the series. She does not have a memory of ‘a goldfish’ as some people have been saying ‘round the ‘net.

Also, Jason was lying to Roy about certain implications he made in the first issue to Roy about Kory. I won’t say what exactly because I don’t want to spoil the next issue, especially since it’s not out yet.

This also may be uncomfortable to bring up but while talking about the ‘controversy’ over Starfire, Scott got VISIBLY upset when speaking of some of the ‘slut-slamming’ terms he has seen/heard written about his portrayal of Kory. He pretty much said that he couldn’t believe some of the terms people were throwing out and you could tell that he was really broken up that people would think in those terms and that it was okay to spread them around.

I know some times it’s very easy to get upset when you, as a reader, don’t have all the background info on a character/insight to what a writer is trying to do with that character but really, there is no need to take it very far into demeaning language [IE: Slut-slumming terms.] I can totally see how people would get confused over Starfire’s reaction to Roy’s questioning of her relationship with the Titans. I personally thought that she was being sarcastic in that scene when I read it but sarcasm is a really hard thing to get on the printed page.

But I just wanted to say that Scott like every comic creator I’ve met [Dustin Nguyen, JT Krul, Geoff Johns, Kyle Higgins, Eric Wallace] have been very nice to me as a fan and I appreciate them taking time out to answer my questions/sign my books/draw stretches for me. I may not always like everything I read from them [There was certainly a different way the whole Kory doesn’t want to talk about the Titans that could’ve been done, heh], but there’s no doubt in my mind that there’s some pretty awesome people behind my comics. And that’s a really easy thing to miss over media like the internet.

[Side note: I really wish I had more time to tell Lobdell that I enjoyed both Teen Titans and Superboy a lot. Unfortunately, we got too caught up in RH&tO before he had to get back to the event.]


I had hoped this would be the case.

This gives me some hope.

I had faith in Lobdell because in all his interviews he seems like a genuinely nice, funny guy, plus I liked Teen Titans and Superboy so he’s not a bad writer at all.

Yesssss, plan to sit back and wait is proving to be successful 


Red Hood #1:

By popular demand, Jason Todd returns with his own book series.

Strange things have been happening to Jason Todd ever since his latest death. In fact, it looks like the whole of Gotham has been turned into an unfamiliar, sinister place. Trapped in a nightmare not of his own making, Jason engages in a desperate run against time, as familiar-yet-altered faces alternatively aid and impair him.

Will this new quest bring the Red Hood to new levels of reckless cruelty, or will Jason have to go back to his roots… go back to being one of the Batman’s own?

Retailers please note: This issue will ship with two covers. For every 25 copies of the Standard Edition, retailers may order one copy of the Variant Edition. Please see the Previews Order Form for more information.

On sale August 16 - 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

[EDIT]: Page 1 Pencils here






For the anon who wanted Kory/Roy/Jay cuddling, have some lineart — I couldn’t resist.

(click through for full size)

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Kory’s hair and Jason’s hand in Roy’s hair

It’s just beautiful


This is pretty much what I was hoping that book would be. ♥ ;w;


Red Hood and the Outlaws.


Doodle for rest & Warmup;)

my favorite pairing ever and ever.

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The next big movie

I really, really, really want a under the red hood live action movie.

especially one with Dick in it too.


I was bored while waiting for my class to start

My sketchbook has pages of these guys already lol