AA haul! I didn’t get half as much as I did last year I don’t think, but this year it was mostly about a few expensive things than a lot of mid price things! 

First stuff is my commissions, I’ll probably scan these all in so they’re better quality. I finally got my two commissions that I ordered last AA from Milne, the coloured Pharma and the Rodimus wearing shutter shades MTMTE cover (The Pharma is gorgeous irl if Milne is at AA next year I’d love to get a coloured Rodimus. Originally I only paid for the Rodimus cover to be a headshot but because it took a year to get my stuff to me Milne made it a full body for free!) I also got a MTMTE Megatron from Milne this year (who looks Megahot) For my Roche commission I asked for a MTMTE Megatron who had been graffitied on by Rodimus in his sleep and both Roche and JRo loved it so much they mentioned it in the MTMTE panel! (I hope this sets the tone for Roddy and Megs relationship) I also got a Kup headshot from Casey Coller and the big Rodimus doodle is from the Milne drawing workshop where he gave it away for free and I was lucky enough to get it! 

My biggest and most expensive buy was Fans Toys FT-04 Scoria (aka a third party Masterpiece Slag. Idon’t think I show my dinobot love enough) I’ve been secretly crying over him since he was released and when I saw there were only two of them at AA I couldn’t not get him dispite his steep price. (I got £10 knocked off because his box is buckled on the bottom right corner, which annoys me but I’m gonna try fix it) He’s the biggest and heaviest toy I own now. Speaking of dinobots I got a set of WST dinobots (I got two of them for free because they’re broken and I bought the others, but I’m sure I can fix them) I also got Casey’s MTMTE Breakfast Club print but that’s not pictured.

The lovely deceptigod also brought over my IDW Limited Red Label Last Stand of the Wreckers and MTMTE comicfolio (which I ordered like 9 months ago in the sale but couldn’t pay the stupid IDW Limited shipping costs to the UK so had shipped to SD) I paid for them at the time but it feels like I bought them at AA. 

Also got two awesome sketchbooks from meatfart, phase sixer stickers from eabevella who also brought over a set of MTMTE Tapes that were a gift from koch43 . Also many sweets (mostly Reese) from the people I did food con swapsies with!  

It’s been a really great AA and I feel happy with what I’ve brought home this year!

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