If they were humans I'd totally get it but I don't think TFs see sexuality the same as humans. They've all got the same anatomical parts but he'd still have a type. I can see him preferring larger more dominant femmes because that dude was made to be thrusted into the berth screaming in ecstasy as he was spiked repeatedly by his sexual partner, but he needs to form a solid connection with them first. He hasn't had any close femme friends because there haven't been any. Just my thoughts /le shrug —Anonymous

People seem to take this really seriously god

I think if Roddy went to Caminus he’d be taken with the big really dominant femmes. He’d certainly melt in the palm of one of their hands if one of them seduced him. Basically any mech big and powerful enough he’ll go for.

Yeah obviously they’d be a new prospect for him. I think he’d go back to cybertronians in the end but a couple of brief one night flings with big Caminus bots would be something he’d do.

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Pretty sure Rodimus is pansexual. Doesn't matter what gender you are, Roddy dun curr —Anonymous

As long as Roddy is a little gay boy taking a dick

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This week’s winning Clue hand:

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Something you may appreciate: Today I got yelled at for calling someone gay. Her name is literally Gay. I am 100% done with people today. —Anonymous

No, your friend is fetishising gay people. Call them “Homosexual” instead

(but yes I really appreciate that omfg Jesus Christ)
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The only Rodimus that could pass for bi is g1, maybe... cause of Arcee and Springer. But MTMTE Roddy is hella gay, and I honestly can't imagine him any other way. —Anonymous

Yeah like G1 I can see as Bi but MTMTE there’s no chance. He literally just has the feel and attitude of a bratty gay boy.

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What is so wrong about some people having bi headcanons for Rodimus though? Not everyone is going to have or like the same ideas as you. As long as people aren't being obnoxious about it I'm not sure I understand why it's such a big deal. —Anonymous

I didn’t know I was the word of god like you don’t have to like what I say.

I just can’t even see Rodimus with a female. He’s just so fucking gay. He’s like that twinky jock bitch boy that’s fucked up all the older guys at the club. It just seems so wrong to me to see him with a female character, I can more likely see him trying to do some trisexual tentacle monster than a female character.

People who say obviously gay guy characters are bi make me automatically think of those teen girls who are date obviously gay guys who are trying to be straight but the girls never see it.

But it doesn’t matter anyway because other than the rarer than hell opportunity to do a bot from Caminus he’s gonna be automatically “gay” most of the time anyway.

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some of the scribbly sketches to the last commission. i thought that the poses were fun so there.

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